The Year O’clock! Goodbye 2011, New Year Resolutions for 2012

imageFor many years, people used to laugh at the World End 2012 prophecy. This year, people’s joke was that we’d be very lucky if we manage to get to the end of 2011 even!
Yeah, 2011 is such a bloody, surprising, rich, optimistic, pessimistic, and loaded year. So many events, so many famous deaths, so much fire, so much energy, and indeed, so much hope.

Seems we are lucky anyway. We’re only less than two weeks close get into 2012, Many have either started their holidays already, or just about to.
Unless you believe that year is the end of the world truly (no, not discussing it even!), that alone should make you optimistic :-)

The title “Year O’clock” is not mine, it’s my colleague, Steven Nagy. I may talk about the origin of the name later, for now, let’s say it’s a friendly internal new year’s resolutions cheer-up message.
Few days after I responded to it, I thought I’d share my response with you too, after removing some customer identifying parts and adding some context to a few parts of course.

The Year O’clock Email:

Just Three Questions

  1. Work related highlights for the year

    • Been across 4 different big clients in the same year. Really enjoyed them all
    • Speaking at Developers Developers Developers Sydney conference
    • Not feeling like “a new guy” any more (joined the company September 2010)
    • Learned a whole lot of stuff while doing work. This is great highlight although probably so common
  2. Non-work related highlights for the year

    • Moved from a furnished apartment to non-furnished (renting), same street. More stability FTW
    • My son, Adam (2 years), communicates better, learned numbers and English alphabets plus some words (mixed), developed his own, errr, decisions / opinions!
    • A lot of small improvements to my blog at the last few months. Happy about them
      Hey, that’s GuruStop ;-)
  3. New year resolutions

    • Need to build an idea of my own badly. I worked in 2 start-ups, and did freelance for friend entrepreneurs, it’s really time to own something other than my blog
    • More clients and exciting stuff at Readify is a must, should keep every year even better
    • Do more talks, think of some non-told-already topic for local user-groups in Sydney (open for suggestions)
    • More blogging
      Shout at me if there’s something specific you prefer to read here :-)
  4. How will you be spending your holidays?

    • Home
      (um. don’t count this one)

    How about you?

    Let’s keep this going. I shared my own stuff with you as I encourage you to do the same as well. Blog it, tell me about it. You know I care.
    Happy new year. Enjoy it Smile

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