By the way, I got married. She’s a really really nice lady :)

The “BTW” Announcement

Hey guys, remember when I posted my engagement to Mona, the cute smart kind beautiful super cool sweetie?

Well, we have got married :).

wedding4 - Copy

It was on Friday, January 23rd. I’m writing this after the honeymoon vacation, which was practically a honey half moon vacation, due to work conditions in this speed world!

So, how is that going?

Based on my small experience so far, I’d answer a question some friends asked on mobile phone…

YES, marriage is GREAT, but of course only when you marry the perfect person that best fills in all your feelings. It’s very hard to find. Usually, you don’t search for that; you just find THE ONE accidentally. When you do, you know it, and your life becomes just nice, and, all fun. If you don’t, God be in your help.

Thankfully, I have found my one, and I can assure you, life with her is really sweet. I truly feel like I need nothing from this world when we are sitting together at home. This girl just rocks :).

To Mona, The Masterpiece of My Life

Thank you very much Mona for being in my life with all your blesses, and all the increasing happiness they bring with them. I hope we’ll be always happy (God Willing). With you, it feels like an easy wish.

Love you so much. You empower all my abilities.



When I look back, I find it very weird that I didn’t submit this to the weblog by wedding time. This facebook thing is making things quite weird, while the whole technical thing is making things weirder. I have found that a facebook event, along with some SMS messages were almost enough for most contacts to attend the wedding ceremony (It was a good way to collect friend pictures afterwards as well – thanks for the cool friends who posted their pictures there).

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