About a week ago, @AmrEldib and @EmadMokhtar recorded the 3rd episode of EgyGeeks podcast. We were not sure whether to make a 2nd part of it, stretch the episode itself, or what. At the end, we just put it online today as to look for more feedback as usual.


It’s a new year, and I wish I had a happier post to write, but the local news about the people dead around the Church in Alex makes that hard. We even discussed whether it’s good to have the episode today, but, we already don’t have specific time between each episode and another, and the episode recording has been waiting around for a while, and didn’t want to just keep waiting.


The Recording:

You can view the official announcement page to listen to the recording, and give feedback. You may leave you comments here as well.



Announcement Page:



Podcast Links

You may engage more with EgyGeeks, or just grab the episode from the following links:

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  • Find us on Twitter @EgyGeeks


By the way, we are testing some new changes to the podcast blog like blog theme and so. Will be great to get your feedback about these too!


A Sincere Wish

Wish you all better days to come, without so much bad news, with no horrible ones…

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OK, instead of much talk, let me quote you the email that says all 1-day deals by SitePoint in last 23 days are available today. I’m not sure of the time zone for “today”, so, ne quick!


The time has almost arrived to tear open our presents …
But before we do that …

You know all those cool deals you missed? Don’t despair!
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To ensure the accuracy of your orders, each deal must be processed
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Thank you for participating in our Christmas Countdown!


We hope you’ve enjoyed the deals we’ve had to offer as much
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Happy Holidays and all the best for a prosperous 2011! :)


The SitePoint crew


Go and pick the offer that sounds good for you. Do not worry about the "X" on each.


Yeah, and merry chrismas to all christians out there :)

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The Usual “Skip To Next” Intro…

Hey everybody,

I know I have been quite away from this blog. Keeping the details for other times many already know I was moving from Abu Dhabi to Sydney and joining th great consulting company, Readify.

But this post is not about that, it’s about the work that has been going during the last month (where I was one of the least involved for honesty) to evolve EgyGeeks as we paused the bi-weekly meetings after Ramadan.

The Podcast

We thought we can even reach more of you out there by trying a different model than online sessions and open talks. That is recorded podcasts.

We are trying this for the first time, trying to simulate the normal tech talks I and you always talk about when we meet a friend developer even if meeting in a cafe with no technical topics in mind. Let’s see if it makes any sense…

The first “published” episode, Pilot,  is mainly around the new Windows Phone 7 stuff. Check out the podcast landing page.

Download MP3.
Subscribe to this podcast via RSS (for Zune and other players).
Subscribe to this podcast for iTunes.
Visit our Podcast page.
Find us on Twitter @EgyGeeks

To be honest, we are not sure where to go with this podcst. We had a trial that went very well during the recording but was a bit hard to get edited in a fashion we can take out. We had a second try that feels going well (unfortunately due to time zone issues I couldn’t make it to this one you are listening to) and we hope it goes well.

So, you can clearly realize we do need your feedback on this. Please make sure to tell us what you think, what sounds well, and what needs to change!

The Website (Weblog)

Along with the podcasts we thought it’s time to get a centralized place for all EgyGeeks content. A one-place-to-go. Of course the twitter account especially as well as the facebook page and user group helped a lot to keep up to date with what is happening now or coming now but we also needed a reference place for all the already-done kind of stuff.

That is the weblog …


Similar to the podcast, this website is created out of the need as described above, so, that’s one more to wonder around with and give your feedback.

We had it running a s a blog as it felt the most suitable format for the site content.

Go ahead and check out our first post.

And BTW, how do you like our new logo? ;)

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image SitePoint, a well-known publisher of nice easy-but-deep books in web design and web related stuff, has celebrated the end of the world cup (and the fact that Spain has won) by putting an ebook of one of their titles for FREE (“jQuery: Novice to Ninja”, 407 pages) – only for 24 hours (which I don’t know starting what hour, so, go quick!)


Get the book by putting your email here (you receive the PDF link by email):


Thanks Scott Hanselman (@SHanselman) for spreading on twitter, hence getting me to know about the book!


Have fun,

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Five days ago I got a great email from 101 Free Tech Books. Seems the drawing I wrote about is real!!

Yes, I won a FREE print book. Filled in my shipping information yesterday and got the post that confirms my order was being processed. Feels so real! I’m even asked to give testimonials after receiving the book, which I will…

Which Book?


The book I have chosen is “Professional WCF 4: Windows Communication Foundation with .NET 4”. Sounded like a great title!

There is a trick in here. The option for books is only available from my wish list prior to the random drawing. I didn’t pay enough attention to this earlier, so, had a very small wish list of just “sample” books in it. Some of them I already had as ebooks. This was not very right.

I also tried to choose another book, add to my wish list, and go back to choosing again, but, as mentioned, only the books added prior to wining were there. Makes sense though!

You Can Win Too!

Now, I can recommend those people even more! They emphasize completely on showing how real this is, and I seem to believe them so far.

You can use my reference registration URL below and start adding people using your own URL so that maybe we both win more books!


There are 101 books to win EVERY MONTH.

Just remember, add as much as you can to your wish list now, and let the decision come later ;)

Good Luck :)

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