Cross post from ASP.NET Weblogs (Community Server) to GeeksWithBlogs (SubTEXT)

I’m new to ASP.NET Weblogs. Thanks to Joe Stagner of course who setup my weblog account and whom I have thrown tons of questions at (Poor Joe. All day answering my messages!). I’m also an old member of GeeksWithBlogs (since January 2005) and cannot just slip away like that! So I considered cross posting, as  a permanent procedure, not temp. one.

To do cross posting from a Community Server weblog like ASP.NET weblogs to any blog that supports MetaWeblog APIs like SubTEXT (which GeeksWithBlogs.NET uses), the steps are really easy:

  1. You login to your community server blog control panel
  2. You expand "Global Settings" from the left menu and click "Spam, Ping and Cross-Posting"
  3. You click "Setup a new blog" and enter your MetaWeblog API enabled blog

    You can see my settings in this screenshot:
    Untitled picture