Identify Your Weaknesses & Optimize For Them

It is very important to understand your weaknesses and optimise your methods for them.

For example, I have a very hesitant random memory. At any point in time, I’ll remember some things in deep details, remember only certain characteristics (important or otherwise) of certain other things, vaguely recognize the existence of other things, and completely forget about the rest.

Ensuring which memory has which degree of remembering doesn’t seem to have a direct relation to be related to the nature of things themselves (people faces/names, papers, told/witnesses situations, etc.), how important the things are or relevant to current time, or even how old the memory is.


That’s why, every time I have made a record about what I want my future me to remember, and made sure this record is searchable (physically or digitally) in a way that does NOT require remembering a certain hint (because I tried that, and I ‘sometimes’ forget hints), the future me gets happy, when I search things that sometimes I am not even sure they did exist.

Yes, I just had one of these moments :)


Of course, understanding and encountering for your weaknesses should not be a reason to stop trying to overcome them!

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