For those who wonder, Readify is still (always) hiring

This is an open letter I wanted to share with you…

Anyone doing software development on Microsoft platform?
(or knows someone who does)

I think I may have a challenging opportunity for you.

I work as a Senior Consultant for Readify Pty Ltd. Readify is an Australia-wide software consulting company specialised in Microsoft technologies. We have a lot of MVPs and ALT.NET developers (for example, we have the writers of Castle and Autofac IoCs, and Linfu dynamic proxy used in NHibernate, among many others including several worldwide technical speakers and book writers).

The company is also specialised in hiring the top 10% developers all over the world (so, if you have friends from Egypt or any other country, they are also welcome to apply).

Some of the company’s recent awards:

– Microsoft [[ Worldwide ]] Software Development Partner of the Year 2012
– Microsoft Australian ISV Software Development Partner of the Year 2012
– Microsoft Australian Software App Partner of the Year 2012
– BRW Best Places to Work Listing for [[ 2010, 2011 & 2012 ]].

If you would like to learn more, and then maybe consider applying, I wrote more about what it’s like to work for Readify from my own personal perspective (including notes about the recruitment process and answers to common questions):

Readify is always hunting for the best talent all over the world, so, this is open call that you can use any time, although cool stuff better not wait

Once you are ready, apply TO, CC:


Please note that due to the very nature of Readify as a software development "consulting" company not just a normal software shop, we do not usually offer overseas vacancies for junior developers (we offer "local" internship program). This is for senior developers and beyond. Also, we do not usually offer vacancies for designers, testers, dedicated project managers, or administrators, as these roles are often handled by our clients already.

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