Resharper Support For VS11 – Download Link & Installation Hints

In case you haven’t noticed the update of my previous post about VS 11, Resharper 6.1 nightly build supporting VS 11 has been out already.



Notes On Installing Resharper 6.1 Nightly Build For VS11

  • The file you download is not an EXE, but it is still an installer. All You need to do is run the file and press "Install"
  • You can use the license key mentioned in the download page, but, you may try your existing Resharper 6.0 key as well and see if it works.
  • Likely the Resharper keyboard shortcuts won’t work directly. You need to enable them yourself. More on that below…
  • UPDATE: If you install a nightly build, then a new build comes out and you try to install it, you get "This extension is already installed to all applicable products.". More on that below…


To enable the Resharper keyboard shortcuts:

In Visual Studio 11, go to Resharper Options menu:


In the left side, choose "Visual Studio Integration"


Under "Keyboard Shortcuts", press "Apply Scheme"


Some quick dialog will show with "Cancel" button (don’t press it!). Wait until it disappear, and you are done. Click OK to close the Options dialog, and start enjoying the Resharper shortcuts!



To Solve: "This extension is already installed to all applicable products." Error

If you try to install the Resharper VSIX installer file for VS11 when you have an earlier Resharper VS11 build, you may get an error that looks like:


Visual Studio thinks the two builds are the same. The likely cause is that Resharper is using the same version number in the installer.


This can be easily fixed by opening VS 11, going to Tools -> Extension Manager, finding the Resharper extension (yes, in VS11 it’ll be there, in  earlier VS version, it won’t), click the Resharper extension in there then click "Uninstall", accept the confirmation, and close VS11 afterwards.


The installer should then work normally.

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