Export Only Specific Revisions Changeset From SubVersion / SVN (TortoiseSVN)

Today I was supposed to deploy some changes on company static website made by web designer. The website source is hosted using SubVersion (SVN). I thought it’ll be great if I can export just the changes he did with their folder structure and without asking him to do anything extra, and deploy that.


Here are the steps using TortoiseSVN:

  1. Right Click The working, choose TortoiseSVN => Show Log
  2. Since he used multiple revisions, I selected the those revisions, right clicked, and chose “Compare revisions”
  3. Selected all files, right click, and choose “Export selection to…”
  4. Simply choose the destination folder from the folder selection dialog that comes up, and here we go.


That was very quick hint, but hopefully helpful to someone. I’m sure there must be other ways to do it also BTW, but this was the quickest to try with an empty head.

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