I changed my twitter username to @Meligy

Yesterday I changed my twitter username from @Mohamed_Meligy to just @Meligy.



I have been thinking about this step for a long time, as my tweets are relatively long, and when I want to to allow people to re-tweet. With my old username, I used to have to write at max 120 characters per tweet to allow re-tweet (leaving 20 characters out of the real 140 characters limit to “RT @Mohamed_Meligy: ”). With my new twitter username I can use up to 128 characters (leaving 12 for “RT @Meligy: ”). I know I ‘m a person who can make nice use of those 8 extra characters, but is this worth doing? For sometime I thought: No.


My old username has some nice features. First, it includes my full name, so, that’s nice for people who don’t know me very well. Second, it has been around for over a year and over ~2390 tweets! That’s something!! People got used to using this twitter username when replying to me (mentioning me) and I did my best to put it everywhere in my Google and Facebook profile and blog and everywhere, and also used it with many twitter applications that require entering username/password.


Few days ago, one of my friends brought up the topic and encouraged me to do the change. I tweeted asking my friends whether they would promote the change, and encouraged me even more, so, I switched twitter username to @Meligy.



Some friends may wonder, how did I change my twitter username and still kept all my previous followers and reserved the old username also still on twitter. What part of it is a feature of twitter, and what part is something I did?

So, here is the story:

  1. I created a new twitter account with username @Meligy, and same password.
  2. I changed the @Meligy username to @Mohamed_Meligy2.
  3. In another browser I went to my old @Mohamed_Meligy account, changed username to @Meligy. Now I have @Meligy and @Mohamed_Meligy2.
    I noticed When I go to twitter replies in twitter website, it shows all replies that came to me, even those including @Mohamed_Meligy. This is good.
    The bad part is that when I click on @Mohamed_Meligy link in those replies/mentions, it goes to @Mohamed_Meligy not @Meligy.
  4. I changed the new account @Mohamed_Meligy2 back to @Mohamed_Meligy.
  5. I deleted the old @Mohamed_Meligy account from tweetdeck, and added both @Mohamed_Meligy and @Meligy (as default).
    I couldn’t just add the @Meligy account even with same password in both – I had to delete the old one.
  6. I used tweetdeck to tweet from both accounts “Changed twitter username from @Mohamed_Meligy to @Meligy. Followers needn’t change anything except using @Meligy in future replies/mentions”.
  7. I started trying to remember all the websites and applications I logged with the old twitter username and change it to @Meligy.
    Having the same password on the other @Mohamed_Meligy account, I’ll be monitoring it for a while in case I forget some application or so.

Note that any link to previous tweets (in the format: twitter.com/{username}/status/{tweetID}) before changing username will still be broken.


Follow Me!

If you already followed me back with the old username, you should still be able to receive my updates.

If not, follow me on twitter via @Meligy.


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