Allow me to quote here some emails I sent to the the Dot NET developers group in my company, Injazat, or, as we call ourselves, Ninjazat. I thought it’ll be useful to share some with you as well.

·         ASP.NET MVC – 20 Hours of FREE Video Tutorials

·         LINQ FAQ

o   LINQ FAQ for Newbie’s

o   LINQ FAQ Part 2

·         How we handle application configuration

·         ScottGu ASPNETMVC Session Video Available Now (Part 1/2 & 2/2)

·         Web Validation: Best Practices and Tutorials

·         Building a Single Sign On Provider Using ASPNET and WCF

o   Part 1

o   Part 2

o   Part 3

·         NxtGenUG Cambridge: Creating extendable applications using MEF slides and code

·         Dynamic Languages and .NET – Developer Day Scotland slides and code samples

·         patterns & practices: Data Access Guidance (VS 2010 Stuff)

·         Refactoring challenge

o   Part 1 – Examination

o   Part 2 – Preparation

·         LINQ is not LINQ To SQL

·         Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery

·         Connecting to Mailbox on Gmail and Fetching List of Emails using POP3 and ASP.NET

·         Optimize your page for UpdatePanel

·         CMS in the .NET World

·         Getting jQuery Goodness into ASP.NET AJAX – Take II

·         What to do when SELECT query is Running Slowly?


As usual most of them coming from my Google Reader Shared Items

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[jQuery] Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery

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